3cm Cotton Core Spun Yarn Cotton Tube Yarn for Knitting Blanket, Pillow and Cat Bed

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Packing: 250g / 1 bulky yarn 
               250g is about 10meters in length
1. Elastic, soft and comfortable cotton material Can not afford the ball, not hair loss.
2. You can make your own chunky knits like blankets,cowls,scarves,hats,rugs,etc for home decors or gifts;
3. Perfect for try roving, extreme knitting, crocheting or arm knitting;
4. Outside is a cotton cloth, which is filled with cotton, very soft and warm.
5. Super soft and light weight, no smell


Pillows: 1kg (4 balls of yarn)
Cat beds: 1kg (4 balls of yarn)
Blankets Size:
45cmX45cm: 0.5kg (2 balls of yarn)
80cmX100cm: 2kg (8 balls of yarn)
100cmX150cm: 3kg (12 balls of yarn)
150cmX180cm:5.5kg (22 balls of yarn)
180cmX200cm:7.5kg (30 balls of yarn)