4 PCS Cotton Mouth Face Mask Pm2.5 Anti-Dust Mask Respirator with Activated Carbon Filter

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1. Made of high quality cotton materials
2.Perfect for daily wear to protect you from dust, ash and so on.

3. A good choice for outdoor activities such as cycling, camping, hiking.

Please Note:
1. If the air does not flow, poor breathing or sleep, prohibite to use it.
2. Prohibited under the age of four children to use it.
3.Plug-in filter can not be cleaned ,suggest once a week to replace it.
1. Add water with a mild detergent, put  mask in, gently rub it with your hands, clean it and dry it in the shade.
2. Do not put it into the washing machine and wash with other clothes.
3.Please do not long soak in the washing liquid or water,and avoid the use of bleach.
One filter cloth can be used for about a week under normal environment, and the filter cloth can not be cleaned.