Baby fen Cushion Playpens Crib Bumpers Yarns

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Bullet Points:
1、Crib Bumpers: This thick wool is ideal for weaving cribs, crib bumpers, woven carpets, hand-woven cushions, etc..
2、Premium Material: Cotton padded with high-grade fiber baby supplies, flannel shell, and it is very soft to touch; very suitable for pregnant women, baby skin contact.
3、Product Size: 5cm/1.97in thick flannel strip, a single weight of 500g thick line length of about 5-6 meters.
4、Flexible: Woven padded cribs, woven rugs, hand-stitched cushions, knotted pillows, or anything you can imagine.
5、Practical Beddings: Save money, self-woven crib bumpers, carpets, pillows, etc., not only their own needs, the price is cheaper, but also a sense of accomplishment。

Product Name: Flannel Strip Super Thick Wool DIY Cribs Fence
Material: flannel + high-grade fiber baby products cotton filler
Length: about 5-6 meters
Diameter: about 5cm/1.97in
Weight: about 500g
Packing: opp bag
Suitable for weaving baby fences, carpets, cushions or anything you can imagine

Packing List:

Super thick yarn 500g*1