Kids Teepee Canopy Foldable Crib Tent for Baby Room Decor

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  • Size :
         Length of the Arc 165cm,
         Diameter 100cm,
         Tent top Height 60cm.
         Mosquito net Height 150cm.
         The curtains can be disassembled from the tent .
  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Product including: Metal bars, Fabric cover, Stick hook, Mosquito net(if you choose).Also color balls are not included ,you need to buy it seperately .
  • It would seem good for the room of the child,or the baby room. It makes it charming to nursery room, and it is also great for locker rooms, outdoor spaces (sunny day) and fun games. Ideal place to read a story.
  • The ultimate playground for children, who can play hide and seek, nap, meet friends and play indoors.
Note: There might be slightly difference in color ,because of the computer monitor settings,also with the difference in the measurement method ,please allow 1-3cm in size deviation. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures .Thank you!    



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Cleaning Instructions
Please use dry cloth when cleaning (if necessary ,can brush),use a little neutral detergent to focus on removing stains, then dry it.
The whole washing.
1,Pour warm water into the pool and pour the neutral detergent into the pool and stir well.
2,Place the stuffed toys into the water and gently rub .
3,Take out from the water and clean again with clear water.
4,Use a towel and gently squeeze out the moisture sorption.
5,Adjust the shape of plush toys, reply prototype after drying in the sun.
6,After evaporation of water ,give a full body massage , then comb the hair.

1,To avoid tailors, fabric cracking and eyes off, please avoid using the washing machine or drying agent.
2,In order to maintain the shape and feel of fabric toys, regular massage, avoid strong squeeze.
3,Filler particle foam products, non machine wash.