Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper and Grater

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  • It is truly a time-saving, kitchen tool that certainly lives up to its name!
  • Multi-functional and versatile
  • Whether you're a professional cook or a beginner in the kitchen, the Mandoline Slicer can help make any tedious kitchen task fast and easy!
  • Made with durable FDA approved materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Grates, slices and peels vegetables
  • Easily cleaned and disassembled
  • Eliminates the need for cutting board
  • Use as a storage container as well
  • Save time on food?preparation
  • Versatile design helps free up valuable space in your kitchen
  • Choose from Blue, Green and Pink
Material:ABS+ wheat straw + stainless steel
Package Contents:
1 * main body
1 * hand guard
1 * planing knife
2 * motherboard
6 * different blades

1. The blade is very sharp. Please pay attention to safety when using or cleaning.
2. Do not place this product close to the fire source to avoid the temperature is too high, so that the product melts or changes to the ground.
3. Please clean and dry in time to avoid rusting the metal parts of the product.
4, the color of the food is too deep, and when the product is discolored, the cloth can be used to stick the edible oil, and it will not be affected.
5, when cutting heart and other large-scale ingredients, when the remaining 1/3, please use hand guards to avoid hurting your hands.
6. Please clean with sponge and cleaning agent when washing. It can be washed in dishwasher.
7. Safety hand guards must be used when cutting small ingredients. The shape of vegetables is different, and it may not be possible to use safety hand guards.
8. Due to the difference in moisture and freshness of vegetables and fruits, the thickness of the cut silk and the thickness of the sheet will be slightly different.
9. This product is suitable for fruits and vegetables, please do not exceed the scope of use of the product.

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