Poking DIY Art Kits Drawing Set For Kids 3 In 1 Fashion Design Drawing Book For Girls

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Bullet Points :

1.Artistic Development: This poking painting kit is a fun and stimulating activity for children. It helps them improve their fine motor skills, concentration, and creativity. The kit is safe and durable, made of high-quality paper materials and sturdy construction. Children can enjoy their artistic play for hours.
2.Colorful Artwork: This poking painting kit provides princess dress-up patterns and various colors to choose, enabling kids to blend and contrast freely and design their own work. They can produce unique works of art that display their flair and originality.
3.Colorful paper craft: This poking painting kit allows children to create amazing paper art by layering different pieces of paper. This boosts their color perception, picture thinking ability and innovation with vivid colors.
4.Enjoyable and expressive toy: This poking painting kit allows you to create stunning designs on notebooks, greeting cards, or any paper surface. It's an amazing sensory toy that relaxes you and unleasshes your creativity. You can also use it to personalize your room or as a party supply and birthday gift.

5.Stimulate creativity and coordination: This poking painting kit is an amazing way to nurture your kids' artistic flair and enjoyment. The kit has a neat and easy-to-follow interface that is accessible for kids of all ages to play with. It also helps them foster their agility and fine motor skills, as well as their thinking and painting capacities. This is a brilliant toy that will captivate them and make them satisfied for hours.



Poking DIY Art Kits - Let your kids unleassh their creativity and imagination with these poking DIY art kits. They are safe for kids to play with and feature princess dress-up patterns that can be pasted layer by layer. These kits are also sensory toys that help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They are easy to play and fun to display.

Instructions for use:

Place the pearl cotton pad under the poking plate
Choose the desired fabric
Use a poking pen to pokee the fabric into the holes in the board
The finished works can be torn off to decorate notebooks, bags, etc.


A/B/C/D: 15*19cm
E: 20.5* 4.8cm


A/B/C/D set:
258pcs*cloth bag
4* poking board
1* poking pen
1* pearl cotton
3* zippers

E set:

840pcs*cloth bag
10* poking board
1* poking pen
1* pearl cotton