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Ready for a little gross-out fun on family game night? Popping Pimples is the pressure-packed, pimple popping game for all ages. Twist and wiggle out ooey, gooey pimples from Pimple Pete’s face. How many pimples can you 'pop' without bursting the Mega-Zit?

Hilarious, Easy-to-Play Family Game

Spin the arrow to see if you should 'pop' a pimple on Pimple Pete’s forehead, cheeks or chin. Squinch up your face and carefully wiggle out a gross and oh-so-gooey pimple without upsetting Pimple Pete. The suspense builds on every turn as players hold their breath to see if the Mega-Zit blows

Silly Squeamish Fun

Pimple Pete is twice the silly fun with two ways to play. Play one on one and take turns 'popping' pimples. If you set off the Mega-Zit you lose! Round up more players for a pimple-popping competition. Earn points for each pimple you 'pop' without bursting the Mega-Zit. The player with the most Pimple Points is the champion.

Exploding Mega-Zit

Be extra careful as you pull out pimples. If you jiggle Pimple Pete’s face forward or back too much, you might set off the Mega-Zit on his nose. Pop! Watch out for the blast of pimple juice! Wipe up the water spray and reload the Mega-Zit plunger for the next player. No one is safe from the exploding Mega-Zit.

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